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Novinor wishes to develop an expertise through innovation in contexts similar to the northern boreal territories, which have specific geographical, climatic, organizational, social and structural characteristics that are different from most urban environments.

Industrial development in these areas raises issues of infrastructure, manpower, isolation, transportation, housing, communication, and warehousing that are quite unique.

Val-d'Or has always been a partner in these territories and over the years has developed an expertise as a gateway to these territories.


Northern Mining Transit Center

The Val-d'Or airport is an essential support to the northern development. It supplies mining projects in Canada's far north via the Northern Mining Transit Centre.

Nordic Logistics Centre

Val-d'Or has been and still is a strategic northern logistics center. This economic activity has led to the development of the Airport Park, an industrial park that can accommodate over 70 companies and has been growing since 2010.

Research Centre

Novinor plans to build a research and innovation service center at the Airport Park in 2023.

Its commercial structure is designed to cater to a population of 42,000.

It has a slightly growing demographic. Located on a trans-Canada axis, Val-d'Or has a railroad network and a large capacity airport.

Fiber optic communications services are deployed throughout much of the urban environment. Natural gas services are available for the commercial and industrial sectors.

Val-d'Or stands out for its excellent quality of life on a social, sporting and cultural level.

Economically, Val-d'Or is a service town that benefits from the mining and forestry industries and from northern development.

The mining industry gives it a national and international reputation.

Promoting collaboration

Being accessible

Provide a variety of services

To become the center of a national and international ecosystem

Be a link between innovators and companies.